Can insomnia be cured by Eszopiclone

  August 3, 2018
Eszopiclone pills

How to treat insomnia?

People complain a lot about trouble to fall asleep, staying asleep for a long time and not getting the adequate amount of rest. Most of the people some time in their life face sleeping trouble or insomnia. There are many sleep medications that can help you to treat insomnia but at first you should examine your sleep routine as well as your habits and get to know whether any change is required or not. Before you order Eszopiclone short-term use for insomnia you should be aware of the drug interactions and safety and hence you should inform your doctor about your medical history along with your present medications if any. This will help you to get the correct dosage and duration of the medication prescribed for you and also to restore a good sleep.

How to take Eszopiclone?

Eszopiclone is approved by FDA to treat insomnia in adults. But you should remember Eszopiclone pills is a sedative called a hypnotic and is only meant for short term use. It is available in tablet strengths of 1mg, 2mg as well as 3mg. This medicine helps you to quickly fall asleep and it has been proved that people sleep for 7-8 hours on an average. So you should take Eszopiclone pills used to treat insomnia only if you are able to sleep for a full night because otherwise it will cause dizziness and confusion. There is a high risk of impairment the very next day when you start to take the medicine. So the initial dosage of the medicine should be 1 mg and not more than that. If required the dosages may be increased with a doctor’s proper permission. The total dosage of the medicine should never be more than 3mg one time very day. The dosage of the medication should be less in older people who suffer from certain medical conditions. You should take the medicine if you wish to treat only insomnia. If you can fall asleep without taking the medication, then you should not take it every night. It acts very fast to reduce the time a person takes to fall asleep.

Does Eszopiclone interact with any medications?

This oral medication can interact with other medicines that you are taking. This will affect the way pills Eszopiclone refer for insomnia works. It can be dangerous and can also prevent the drug from working effectively to treat insomnia. So to avoid these harmful interactions of medicines, your doctor should be completely aware of your medications. It will also cause side effects when you will take this medication with other drugs. Such side effects are serious and should be reported immediately. Side effects such as slowing down of the function of the brain, nausea, swelling of throat, vomiting as well as breathing problem occurs. Some drugs when taken along with Eszopiclone reduce the amount of this medication in the body and as a result it is not much effective to treat insomnia.

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