Insomniacs Find Zopiclone Tremendously Helpful

  December 5, 2018
Zopiclone online

I had been a restless sleeper for several years, tossing and turning between the bed sheets for a major part of every night! Even if I did manage to fall asleep, I would jump awake several times. It was difficult to go back to sleep again.

In sheer desperation, I approached a renowned medical practitioner. He requested details about my past and current health status. He even wanted to know if I was on illicit drugs or addicted to alcohol. Then, he subjected me to a complete physical examination. Fortunately, I was a good candidate for the film-coated, oval-shaped, 7.5 mg pill. The physician wrote out a prescription that gave me permission to buy Zopiclone for increased duration of sleep. However, I had been sceptical, and requested him to give me a sample tablet first!

What were the instructions that the doctor gave me?

The first thing that my healthcare provider informed me was that I was to buy Zopiclone pills only as a short-term treatment of insomnia. By short term, he meant that I would be able to use this treatment only for a couple of weeks on a regular basis, and no more. After that, he would begin the tapering off process. It would spread over four weeks.

I was disappointed, because I had imagined that I would be able to stay on the medication for the rest of my life! However, the doctor informed me that Zopiclone was a hypnotic sedative, which encouraged people to become addicted to it. In fact, many people were eager to buy Zopiclone as a commonly used hypnosedative. Just in case, he did feel that I needed an extension of treatment, he would examine me and then decide. On my part, I was not to conduct any experiments on my own!

Suffice to say, I did buy Zopiclone, which was promoted as a sleep aid, and used it in accordance with the doctor’s instructions. I fall asleep quickly, as well as maintain a lengthy duration of peaceful sleep throughout the night. True, at the beginning, my mouth would go dry often. However, the side effect lasted for a brief time only. Some people experience a metallic taste, instead. Medical experts state that severe side effects and allergic reactions are rare.

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