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  December 7, 2015

Hello friends I am Sands and this is this one is the real life incident that occurred in my life and I was thrilled by it. It happens to everyone and even after some points this gets complicated because of our deeds. I was the one who never considered anything in front of me because I was the love of nature. Even while suffering from fever I used to roam in open chambers that were cold enough to freeze anyone. This was the life that I was living from a long time and I am telling you that it did not even take time to cure me up. If you are close to nature than nature will protect you from the odds and this was the only thinking in my mind. I would like to suggest that there are many natural things that are helpful even in the severe disorders but they all have to be authentic in nature otherwise you will gain a big zero. Anyways, you all are aware of my habits and some of them used to call me crazy after noticing this. Now it is the time to state the favorite work of mine and this was to take a long walk in the snowy forest late in the night. Generally it consumed all the night because it was a long route. This continued all the time and I started to love it but after a month it made me realize that staying wake in the nights were the biggest mistake of mine. I was not able to sleep in the nights and this was the notification that something big is waiting for me.

I still did not learn a lesson about this thing because I thought that nature is there to help me out but this time I was wrong. I set out in the open bench placed in the nearby park covered with snow and tool along my blanket and some fire woods. The only thought in my mind was that I will definitely be able to sleep in this way. I am telling you that I enjoyed the warmth and the scenic beauty but I really missed the presence of sleep. This was the concern and many nights passed like this. I remember that one night I was doing the same job and a nearby guy saw me and joined me that night. He brought some whisky and snacks to enjoy. After few drinks I stated the problem and he pulled a slip out of the pocked and handed to me. These are eszopiclone used in treatment of insomnia but take them tomorrow because order eszopiclone tablets do not work in the influence of alcohol. He was also the sufferer I guess that’s why he knew about eszopiclone sleeping tablet at cheaper rate and was helping me. Next day eszopiclone online purchase from sedativez.com was done and buy eszopiclone a cure for insomnia pills were at the door. I called him again and had the pill while talking on the bench and hotness of the fire made me to sleep well.

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