End Insomniac Nights with Sedative Dose of Lunesta

  January 5, 2016

A cure for insomnia with eszopiclone

People who suffer sleepless nights are called insomniac. Insomnia is a state where the person lacks proper sleep. It may happen that the person cannot sleep at all or suffer from frequent interruption in sleep. Such condition affects the normal life of a person and is an abnormal condition. Lunesta is the brand name of the eszopiclone, which can be used to treat sleep problems. The best known medicine for insomnia is Lunesta pills 3mg.

  • What is Lunesta? How does it work?

Lunesta is a kind of sleeping pill given to patients of insomnia. It is sedative in nature causing a hypnotic effect on the person. In insomniac people the chemicals in the brain may be unbalanced which is the cause for the lack of sleep in those people. Eszopiclone restores the right balance in the brain and makes the person get enough sleep. With eszopiclone you can fall asleep soon and stay asleep for 7-8 hours.

  • What is the correct dosage for Lunesta?

Lunesta dosage for insomnia needs to be taken in the right dose so that the person is diagnosed correctly and there is no other negative consequence. You must consult a doctor before taking eszopiclone and know the correct dosage for yourself. Dosage may depend from person to person as it is decided keeping in mind the person’s health, medical history and tolerance levels. The doctor may give a low dose to people who have a low tolerance level or who have vulnerable health conditions.

The starting dose that is recommended for Lunesta is 1mg. The dose can be then raised to 2mg or 3mg. High use of eszopiclone may reduce alertness the following day. In case of elderly patients, the dosage should not exceed 2mg.

Eszopiclone must not be taken after a high fat meal as it reduces the absorption of the medicine and reduces its effect on sleep latency.

  • Is there any chance of a side effect from Lunesta?

Lunesta is a drug approved for inducing sleep in insomniac patients. The medicine has to be used after proper medical consultation with a doctor to avoid negative consequences and side effects. If used in incorrect ways, a person can experience side effects. The chances of side effects also increase if the person is allergic to the drug or if the person suffers from some condition which is not suitable for the use of eszopiclone.

Some common side effects that may result from eszopiclone are drowsiness, nausea, dizziness, infection and xerostomia. Some people may also experience mood changes, anxiety, confusion and unsteadiness. These effects may go away with time. But if they are seen to persist for long or worsen in condition you must consult the doctor immediately. Rare side effects can be infection, rashes and difficulty in breathing. Such severe side effects should be immediately attended by a doctor.

How to order Lunesta online?

You can purchase lunesta online from sedativez.com. The medicine is widely available in medical stores but if you have difficulty in accessing the drug you can purchase online eszopiclone easily and get them delivered at home. However, you need a doctor’s approval and a legal prescription before getting the drug.

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